New Part 1

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Doing a project on their own infographics for new buildings in Tyumen. Che-sunk in the head, and I have that sunk – the problem always. Not yet do not rest, such as was the index is tenzorov. Chto infographics can be found here and here (the column on the left). Essence of the project are: interesting for the viewer a table of comparative prices and new construction opportunities in Tyumen, ie some idea of Tyumen map superimposed with stat. Data obtained from developers and from DublGisa. Osnovnoe this: – the average price of square meters. M is the average price of 1,2,3, (4) Apartment-location within the 500-meter facilities necessary including schools, gardens, parking lots, shopping centers \ supermarkets, parks and so on. – the direction of growth of prices for the average square metr.S last turned ass. Further, no math \ proggernogo interest not read obyazatelno.Na Tyumen map superimposed uniform grid (coordinate system). Now every house corresponds to a certain coordinate (actually two). Each value corresponds to the average building cost per square meter. New buildings are located at different distances from each other and randomly scattered throughout our system koordinat. Nechto this can be taking a leaf in a cage and poked a handle on it in different places. What happened in your language of mathematics is an arbitrary arrangement of nodes (points) with an uneven pitch (distance between the different houses) on a uniform grid (cells of). Further – more difficult. Since the each node corresponds not just two coordinates, but also the value (the average cost per square meter), the problem we have of the two-dimensional turns into a three-dimensional. (I will not explain further, so that only the most interesting) And now we are on the basis of accurate data that removed from the site must obtain the average cost of anywhere in the city between the two new buildings with a price. This problem is called a three-dimensional interpolation. And in my case, it is desirable to do so in an analytical form to get in the end is not just a set of points inside the area, and the equation of the surface, and an order of smoothness, for in the future will need to consider the gradient of the nee. Koroche I never thought that will have to use the knowledge gained matfake in work related to design.

Creation of web applications

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